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Telephone White Pages
Canada 411     (Sympatico) BIG Foot Phone Search
World Pages - Global Phone World Pages - People Find
International White and Yellow Pages International Phone # and Addresses
Yahoo.! People Search AnyWho Search
Telstra - Australian Phone Directory Who / Where Database
Free Greeting Cards
1001 Postcards!
Blue Mountain Electronic Greeting Cards Electronic Greeting Cards
Free Greeting Cards in 4 Language Free E-mail Post Card Galore to choose
CardMaster Greeting Cards 123 Greetings
  Check your Horoscope
Your Daily Horoscope Your Weekly Horoscope
Your Love Horoscope The Daily HUMORscope
  Special Interest to all
My British Columbia How to write Resumes
Web Personals World Wide Weather
Canadian Singles for Marriage Ukrainian Girls for Marriage
Web Page from Hawaii Cool Graphics
Canadian Buy and Sell Destination Guide
Click here for Universal Currency Converter
Airlines - Travel and Tours
Canada 3000 Travel deals with Airlines
Air Travel Links Travel Web Sites
Airlines Directory United Airlines
Go Hawaii  - for Visitors Traveling Passengers Rights
Canadian Web Sites and Yellow Pages
Government Web Sites Provinces Web Sites
Canadian News Web Sites NET-CAM  pictures
Shopping Online Cool Web Stites
B.C. Yellow Pages Canada Yellow Pages
Canada Home Page AltaVista Canada Search
US Yellow Pages for search Get a Joke a Day
Medical Dictionaries and information
Ask (search for) anything Ask Anything in health
Medical Dictionary Drug List
Locating Doctors in US Doctors Reference Library in US
Links for Media
Globe and Mail Ottawa Citizen
BBC America BBC UK
BBC News Canada Online
Internet Related Information
Internet Global Traffic Report Speak-Out and Complain
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