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Honolulu, Hawaii - Toilet Bowl beach
Hawaii - Toilet bowl beach
Outside Waikiki - Hawaii
Outrigger hotel in Waikiki
Harrison Hotspring, BC
Waikiki beach with Diamond head
Winthrop  WA.
Ossoyos, BC
Maui beach
Waikiki beach
Pattullo Bridge with Sky Train
New Westminster - Parking at Quay
Riverboat Casino at the Quay
Entrance to the Quay (Market Place)
The Street I live in Newton, B.C.
Beautiful fall in Surrey, B.C.
Food stores at the Market Place
Linda's lingerie shop at upper level
Entrance to Pearl Harbour
Tourist waiting for the ferry
Memorial site
Mural at Pearl Harbour
Diamond Head from the Hotel window
Hanauma Bay - (Toilet Bowl)
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