"You cannot plan the future by the past."
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Welcome to the Seniors Choice

  Home Page   

I find it unnecessary to introduce myself and tell you all about
my life story, but some of you might remember the old times,
when the BBS's were popular, before the Internet, and maybe remember the PCPN BBS's from Steve Punter, called ABC Connection or COM-ONLY BBS..  For 12 years, I was the SysOp
of those Bulletin Boards and now I am trying to give a good
WEB Page not only for  the Seniors, but for all the visitors of the
Seniors Choice Web Pages..
If you know now, who I am, than keep in touch here on this
WEB site and invite other EX BBS SysOp's and members of the BBS's.

Have fun and enjoy the Seniors Choice Web pages.

Thank you all, for visiting - come again.!.

The Web Keeper  JG

Relationship is like a bank account - more you put in, more you can get out from it.!.

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