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This is the page where you can find Seniors Related Information Links from the US and Canadian Government and other useful publications.

This page still under construction, and it will have some links for good deals and for Lotto and gaming and BUY& SELL publication
Linda's  Celebrity Lingerie & Accessories  store in Quay - upper level..

On this page you will find links to Free Greeting Cards, Travel, Phone Directories, White Pages and Yellow Pages,  Horoscope, Special interest to young and old, US and Canadian Websites, Travel Guides,  Airlines,  Government Websites, Canadian, US and UK media pages, Online shopping, Medical Dictionaries, Drug List, Doctors Reference Library, Internet related information, Internet Global Traffic report,  speak out and complain and many more.
Pages filled with funny but accurate facts and quotes..  Updated weekly..
Photo page of Seniors and friends.
Home page of the Photo Album, with some thumbnail pictures of my loyal visitors,  grey and black squirrels to zoom in and more.
You will see my personal photos on this page.     Hawaiian Holiday etc
It is a page where I keep some of my close friends & family picture.
Photos from my travellings in Hawaii etc.  More will be added later days..
Selectable dance music, played by a friend, who is a professional musician and entertainer with his wife in Birch Bay, WA.
A collection of articles, news and gossip.  Updated bi-weekly..
Interesting articles - updated bi-weekly - check it out.
100 of interesting quotes from celebrities
Hundreds of jokes, some of them are strong, but still funny.  Updated daily.
This page contains some golden sayings and proverbs.

When we visit someone in their home, we say hello to them.  When you visit the Seniors Choice WEB page, you should say hello too, by signing the guest book and express your opinion about the WEB pages..
Clicking on that Icon or command line, will allow you to write and send a PRIVATE E-mail to the Web Keeper..

It is a LINK to my friend home page, where you can find pictures of the most beautiful roses and also, pictures of ships he served on..

The program I used to create this WEBsite, with PaintShop Pro, the best on the market.

Is the host, who make it possible to publish the Seniors Choice Home Pages.  many thanks for their free service..
Countdown for Dates to remember in year 2001   (Check it out)
Find the time in any time zone in the world.
You can express your opinion by voting and submiting your vote.
Check here, how much your currency worth in any Country
If you interested what is the weather throughout US, look at this site.
Who is Taliban Who is Taliban - Who is our enemy.

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